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Adam Dince

Adam Dince is a certified hypnotherapist that specializes in regressing clients back to memories and experiences in their present life, past lives, and life between lives. And in, “Back to the Beyond”, Adam introduces us to a new hypnotherapy modality he calls near-death experience (NDE) regression. Adam is also a Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual advisor who resides in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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About The Book

After losing my dad in 2005, I became obsessed with finding answers to the question, “What happens to us after our physical bodies die?”

This question led me to many years of research and discovery related to near-death experiences. In a near-death experience, people who are close to death, ill, traumatized, or who even briefly die, leave their physical bodies. Some of those souls stay close to their bodies (e.g., in their hospital room), and others travel to the, “beyond”. 

One of the interesting facts I learned through my NDE research was that not everyone who has an NDE remembers all of the details when they return to their bodies. And even those who once had a crystal clear recollection of what happened during their NDE find that the memories fade over the years. In fact, many of the NDErs I’ve interviewed and spoken with expressed the desire to fill gaps in their memory.

Additionally, for some who return from an NDE, a perpetual dark night of the soul never seems to end. Think of the dark night of the soul as a sort of spiritual depression. Imagine that your physical body is dead, you leave your body and then go on to experience what it’s like to be “Home”; in other words, in the afterlife. While you’re home on the other side, you’re greeted by family members and friends who have crossed over. You reunite with pets whom you loved. You meet your angels, spirit guides, and even God. You’re in the place of pure love. There’s no more worry and all fear is gone. You’re essentially experiencing nirvana. And then, Boom!, You’ve woken back up in your physical body wanting nothing more than to return to the place your soul just visited.

Imagine just how tough it must be to come back to our human existence. An existence where we have bills to pay, where we have perceived problems, and of course the physical injuries sustained from the experience that caused the NDE.

Additionally, many NDErs have questions they would like to have asked while on the other side. Questions that if answered, would provide closure to many of the situations they have experienced in their current incarnation. You may be thinking to yourself, why wouldn’t NDErs ask these questions when they had the chance to? Imagine meeting God in an out-of-body experience. The overwhelming nature of that experience might be so powerful that you don’t think to ask questions pertinent to your life. Questions like, “What’s my purpose in life?” “Why do I have so much pain?” Etc…

As a practicing hypnotherapist, I believed that I could help people who have had NDEs find the closure they sought and this is where my vision for the research behind Back to the Beyond comes into play. I pondered, could I use hypnotherapy to take people back to their NDEs to get the answers and the closure they seek?  

The answer is resounding, “Yes!” And as you’ll read in the book, most had more profound experiences than simply regressing back to the memories of what happened after they left their bodies.

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